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CompleteCare for All Your Tech

Having a state-of-the-art, high end system is worthless if it doesn't work right. Here at HTS, we take service seriously, for any size system, old and new, and make sure whatever you have works to its best potential.


Our CompleteCare program is the ultimate solution for keeping every piece of your system in tip-top shape, with perks that pass the savings to the customer. 



Single Room Systems:                           $150 billed annually


Systems less than $10,000:                  $250 billed annually


Systems greater than $10,000:            $500 billed annually





• No charge service calls during business hours (Monday thru Friday 8am – 5pm)

• No charge telephone support during normal business hours
• No charge remote access service (Control4 and WattBox IP+ customers).
• Half price billing for weekend, holiday and off-hour service calls.

• 20% off labor charges for future system upgrades (while actively enrolled) 

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